Karibu – Let the Best of Us Shine

Costa Chica is one of the two regions in Mexico with a large Afro population and the poorest, located on the coast of the state of Guerrero. The other region is Veracruz.


Due to poverty, many young people stop studying since they cannot find work to support the cost of their studies. This was Brenda’s situation, a young Afro-Mexican native of Costa Chica who was unemployed and could not realize her dreams of studying nursing and become a great support to the people in her community. Breda said, “Thanks to the support of the Comboni Sisters with their Karibu project (which in Swahili, means welcome) I was able to find work and finish high school. Now I’m in my fourth year of nursing school and with joy I shout, I’m a lucky girl thanks to the Karibu project.”


Karibu works in bring out the best of everyone who participates in their different initiatives and help them shine. This reminds us of the importance of promoting the dignity of each person and believing that every human being can give their maximum when they feel supported.


Thanks to your help, other young people like Brenda can enjoy a safe place in Karibu to get to know each other better, find work, realize their dreams and be able to develop as an integral person. They need you!

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