No Chains – Together against Trafficking

In the Palao, Peru mission, the Comboni Missionary Sisters are working with 180 children and youth who live in the mountains. These families come from the Andes of Peru and leave their homes to seek better living conditions for their children and themselves. They are the most vulnerable to human trafficking. Unfortunately, this is a very frequent reality not only in Peru, but also in Brazil and Mexico.


When Pope Francis speaks about human trafficking, he says it constitutes “…an unjustifiable violation of the freedom and dignity of its victims, of those constitutive dimensions of the human being as willed and created by God.  For this reason, it is to be considered a crime against humanity.”


Thanks to the preventive project of the Comboni Missionary Sisters, Cristian, a 17-year-old young man, has managed to escape from traffickers by joining the Comboni Missionary Sisters organization youth group. There, young people find a space for recreation, protection, support and training, motivating them to continue studying and helping other young people and children to grow up free and healthy in every way. Cristian tells us, "I have the good fortune to study (I’m in high school) and have not fallen into the clutches of human traffickers who surround the community and offer us work and study, which is later found to be a deception. Due to this, many young people have fallen into labor and sexual exploitation.”


Together, with the Comboni Missionary Sisters, you can collaborate with your donations and help to fight "crime against humanity" by helping other children, women and young people like Cristian not fall into human trafficking, labor, sexual and domestic exploitation. Please support our project “Without Chains: Together Against Trafficking.”

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