You Welcome Me and Fed Me – Ministry with Migrant and Refugee

The lack of opportunities and absence of possibilities for obtaining a decent life have been the usual causes for the need to migrate. Other causes such as violence and threats to the dignity and integrity of human life has forced people to leave their countries as refugees, seeking better opportunities.


A priority of the Comboni Sisters in America is to promote the culture of encounter with migrants by accompanying and educating them. At the same time, local volunteers are given training on how to support this ministry. James Haug said, “Our ministry with migrant workers has been nourished by the missionary spirituality of the Comboni Sisters. At the end of our meetings, we always recite the prayer they entrusted to us. The spirituality of the missionary disciple, done in the Comboni Sisters way, is like a dew that inspires our ministry with the Latino migrants in the USA.” Wayne Parent adds, "I attend the activities organized by the Comboni Sisters because I always leave with a burning desire to continue my ministry."


The Comboni Sisters minister to migrants and refugees by locating communities in strategic places both in Mexico and the USA. A Salvadorian migrant at a shelter in Tapachula, Mexico stated, “When I arrived at this place, I arrived destroyed in every possible way, at the level of emotion and health…My feet were destroyed, I was sick, tired and now, after a month of being here, I feel ‘rebuilt’…. I am happy, I have found the support of so many brothers and sisters and people who have helped me. I don't have my family with me right now, but I feel so happy to have found a new family along the way.”


With your help, the sisters will be able to continue their ministry among “the weakest and most needy migrants in the world today” (Pope Francis, 01/01/2018, World Day of Prayer for Peace). Thank you for your cooperation.

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