Since the beginning of the Evangelization in Africa, our founder, St. Daniel Comboni, included in his Plan for the Empowerment of Africa the collaboration with lay people.

And in fidelity to the charism, it is our duty and joy, to share our spirituality and charism which is a gift for many.

We have several programs of collaboration with lay people. These programs include basic formation in the charism, the founder, our spirituality, and spaces for various services.

Comboni Missionary Action Costa Rica (AMCCOR)

It is a group of committed lay people who dedicate their time, qualities and enthusiasm to Mission Ad Gentes.

They meet every third Sunday of the month to be formed, to share missionary experiences both of the sisters who come to Costa Rica on vacation and of the lay members of the group themselves, and to schedule fundraising activities. The funds are used to support the community in Costa Rica and some of our sisters on mission. Each year, with AMCCOR, we organize a Missionary Bingo to benefit the Comboni Missionary Sisters. According to their possibilities, the members of AMCCOR collaborate on some weekends in the Mission Education in the different parishes.

Holy Week of each year is the most intense period of activity of AMCCOR since all the members live the Mission in rural communities of the country. Prior to this experience, they prepare themselves with a specific formation.


Comboni Sisters' Associates

Men and women who seek to live out their baptismal commitment more deeply by sharing in the charism and ministry of the religious congregation.

While maintaining their relationship with the religious community, the associates continue with their own way of life, bringing mission and spirituality to their families and their work.


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Collaborators with the Comboni Missionary Sisters

They collaborate in small initiatives of the Provincial House in Mexico City. During Holy Week, together with the sisters, they have gone on mission to communities in need. This activity has motivated them to prepare themselves better in order to give better service. They realize that there are many needs that challenge them.

Lay Missionaries in the footsteps of Comboni

``Your talents are gifts from God to You. What you do with them, is the gift you give to God.``