Our Founder: St. Daniel Comboni

History and Life

St. Daniel Comboni, from whom our name comes, was one of the great evangelizers of the 19th century. He founded the religious congregation of the Comboni Missionary Sisters in January 1872. Today, the Comboni family is made up of sisters, priests, brothers, seculars and laity. Comboni was born in Limone sul Garda, Italy on March 15, 1831. Of humble origin and the only survivor of eight children, he was ordained a priest in 1854, and in 1877 he was consecrated bishop of Central Africa.

A tireless missionary and animator, he died at the age of 50 in Khartoum, Sudan, on October 10, 1881. He was canonized in Rome, Italy on October 5, 2003.


Comboni welcomed and trained men and women, religious and lay, single and married, Europeans and Africans in the health, social, educational and technical fields, as well as in the areas of agriculture, administration and pastoral work.

Comboni nurtured a great passion for Africa

At a time when Africa was the place of great expeditions and explorations, Comboni nurtured a great passion for Africa that would last a lifetime. He was entrusted with a vast mission which included the whole of Central Africa and in 1877 he was appointed first bishop of Khartoum. At the feet of Jesus Christ on the cross, contemplating his pierced heart of the Good Shepherd, Comboni felt the strong call to serve his African brothers and sisters. Comboni is characterized by his strong sense of catholicity in dreaming and promoting a culturally sensitive and inclusive church, open to people of all races and languages. His mission of evangelization is for all peoples, especially the most marginalized.

``Women of the Gospel and of Charity``

In his missionary experience, our founder noted that the presence of consecrated women in Africa “constitutes an indispensable and essential element” in the work of evangelization and that is why he called us “women of the Gospel and of Charity” and wanted us to be “holy and capable”.


Comboni’s goal was to unite people, to break down walls, to build a world in solidarity, to forge a spirit of authentic welcome, in the name and for the love of God. The institutes inspired by him seek to follow his inspiration.