Through our baptismal call, we are invited to be participants in the mission of the Church with a concrete vocation to respond to Jesus' invitation to be missionaries. Among the different calls is that of missionary religious life which we Comboni Missionary Sisters have felt; the invitation to follow Jesus in a concrete way.

The following explains the process of formation of a Comboni Missionary Sister. We invite you to consider this option.


Vocational Orientation



Vocational Orientation

Training begins with the aspirant stage. This consists of a period of approximately two years during which the young woman, from her home, is accompanied in her process of vocational discernment by a Comboni Missionary Sister. She is made aware of the vocation (in its different forms), the mission, and the different options available within the Comboni family. With those young women who feel challenged to follow our proposal for life, a more concrete Comboni way is followed. During this period the young woman lives her commitment in a personal way and engages in a process of human, Christian and Combonian formation by taking part in meetings, interviews, missionary activities, retreats, etc.

Have you asked yourself if Christ is calling you to transform the world? Are these different realities challenging you? Is there something that you can do? Can you become a consecrated religious woman? Be a religious missionary for life? Why not?


The postulancy is the second stage of initial formation which generally consists of a period of two years. The Comboni Missionary Sisters have two postulancies, one in Mexico and the other in Brazil. In Mexico, the formation house is located in Ciudad Granja, Municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. This Postulancy house is open to young women from Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. The women who enter this house of formation are those who, after a journey of vocational discernment in their families, continue to experience a call to consecrate their lives to Jesus Christ through the mission “ad-gentes”. It is important that from the beginning they have a strong desire to leave everything to go out to meet and serve the poorest and most abandoned, particularly those who have not yet been announced the Good News of Jesus Christ. During this period, formation focuses on Christian faith, getting to know the founder, the congregation and deepening human formation by initiating multicultural relationships.

Araceli, postulant who has finished her first year, shares with us: ```{`the first year of postulancy`}` has been a time of encounter with God and with myself which has allowed me to glimpse the reality of missionary life, through shared experiences, and at the same time places me in front of a way to discover the meaning and end of my existence, in which God himself accompanies, strengthens and guides me``.

Responsible: Sister María Teresa Rivera


Interprovincial Novitiate

Concluding the postulancy, the young women who decide to continue their missionary training begin the novitiate, a formation period of approximately two years.The novitiate house is located in Quito, Ecuador. Coming from different countries of Europe and the Americas, the novices begin a very rich experience of multicultural living, an aspect very present in our Comboni charism. The novitiate is a time of deep reflection and prayer, to assimilate experiences and knowledge, deepening the personal relationship with God for the preparation for the first profession of vows. The accompaniment of the person is central so that she can meet CHRIST in freedom and responsibility.

During these two years, the novices dedicate a great part of their time to deepening their intimate relationship with God. So times of personal and community prayer are of great importance. Along with this journey of prayer, a deeper experience of community life begins, through the practice of the evangelical counsels according to the charism of the Comboni Missionary Sisters. The training includes also the study of the constitutions of the Institute of the Comboni Missionary Sisters, which little by little the novices begin to put into practice in their daily living with the sisters with whom they live.

Among the activities carried out by the novices are apostolates, such as the promotion of women, especially in vulnerable areas, missionary education in various parishes and facilitating workshops for children at risk. Through these activities the women in training experience community life along with their apostolic commitments as preparation for the life of mission “ad-gentes”. Coming from different countries and different cultures, the novices find many opportunities to share and to know different cultures, so that they can develop skills for living together in diversity. Currently there are novices from Poland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Costa Rica.

Formation Directress: Sr. Adriana Tovar


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Through our baptismal call, to Jesus' invitation to be missionaries. we are invited to be participants in the mission of the Church with a concrete vocation to respond